The Ultimate Nepalese Cook Book

This unique publication incorporates a fusion of Indian, Chinese, Malaysian and Tibetan influences and showcases true Nepalese food at its best – fresh, healthy, simple to prepare and delicious. Let Pemba Lama – ex-Gurkha Master Chef, MasterClass presenter and world-renowned author transport you.

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HH the Dalai Lama

Former Gurkha soldier and chef and author of The Ultimate Nepalese Cook Book cooked for and served His Holiness the Dalai Lama and presented him with a copy of the Cook Book! His Holiness is also seen here signing a copy of the Book – we are very honoured.

HH signing the book

Learn the art of Nepalese Cooking

A collection of modern and traditional Nepalese recipes and methods which are both simple and easy for anyone to follow

Easy to replicate authentic Nepalese dishes

Table of contents

Dip in here to open up a whole new world of traditional and modern Nepalese cooking. All ingredients can be found fairly easily in stores these days – just let the illustrations guide you, have fun and enjoy.

  • Introduction 9
  • Nepalese Spices 14
  • Basic Ingredients 18
  • Simple Starters 24
  • Vegetable Dishes 42
  • Chicken Dishes 64
    Meat Dishes 78
  • Fish Dishes 96
    Chutneys and Sauces 108
  • Breads 120
  • Desserts 130
  • Beverages 136
    Puddings with Nicci Gurr 138
  • Glossary 153
  • Index 156